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Our $69.99(single story) $119.99(two story) dryer vent cleaning service includes the following:

Clothes Dryer Vent Cleanings &
Inspections Prevent Unnecessary
Deaths, Injuries, and Property

*Now about that transition duct, our technicians will inspect the duct, if the duct is a metal duct we will clean it, as long as there are no holes, tears, or damage to it. If it is a plastic duct, we will NOT clean it. Plastic ducts are hazardous to begin with. Plastic ducts sometimes will melt from the heat of the dryer. We recommend metal transition ducts only. Our technicians do carry metal ducts on their service trucks. We will replace you plastic or damaged metal duct with a new one if requested. There is a small fee for the cost of the duct and new hose clamps. If it is needed the technician will give you an estimate of the parts required. You will only be required to pay for the parts, no labor charges.